Child Treatment Options

Early examination of your child's teeth can uncover existing or potential conditions that may
respond well to interceptive orthodontic treatment. This may eliminate the necessity and expense of full orthodontic care during the teen years or adult years.  Once the determination is made that your child requires orthodontic services, Dr. Jung will discuss proposed treatment plans and
projected fees prior to initiating any procedures. He will work closely with your family dentist to provide an overall dental health program. Although age 7 might seem very young, it is the official recommended age by the American Association of Orthodontists to have their first orthodontic exam. 

Our office offers Phase I, II and full treatment options.  Think of Phase I treatment as preventative.  It is usually done when children have two-four adult front teeth.  We take advantage of their young growing bodies to create room and eliminate invasive procedures such as extractions of adult teeth later on.  With the use of orthodontic appliances, we can help thumb-suckers and kid’s with overbites and under bites. Phase II usually follows (if needed) between one and three years later when all the adult teeth are in.