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Sometimes genetic factors and structural issues in the development of your child’s mouth can cause two or more permanent teeth to emerge with significant spacing between them. This can sometimes be attributed to the premature loss of a primary tooth.

After the teeth fully emerge, the improper connection with the corresponding teeth in your child’s bite pattern can increase their chances of suffering from a chronic dental health issue. In time, it could cause chipped tooth enamel, dental fractures, and possibly tooth enamel attrition. Once compromised, these teeth could be at an increased risk of suffering from tooth decay.

An experienced orthodontist like Dr. Steven Jung can often reduce the spacing between the two teeth, which is called diastema, with a complete or abbreviated form of traditional braces.

Once the orthodontic components have been installed, our dentist will adjust and tighten the braces as needed. This will gradually alter the periodontal ligaments that anchor the teeth into the gums.

While the braces might not be able to fully close the gap, they should be able to minimize it while also improving the relationship between the biting surface and the matching teeth in their bite pattern.

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