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Changes in the structure of your mouth and uncorrected issues with the alignment of your teeth can cause dental attrition to compromise one of your teeth. Even if Dr. Steven Jung repairs the damaged tooth enamel with a dental filling or a dental crown the underlying alignment problem will likely still exist.

In a situation like this, your orthodontist might recommend fitting you for Invisalign® custom dental aligners. These special clear plastic aligners will gradually be able to adjust the position and adjustment of your teeth to help prevent further dental attrition problems.

The process starts with your orthodontist conducting a thorough examination of your teeth. This will serve to assess the overall health of your mouth while also helping define the number of aligners needed to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

Dr. Steven Jung will then take an impression of your teeth. This will be sent to the Invisalign® laboratory where dental technicians will create a series of aligner trays. Each set will be designed to gradually stretch your periodontal ligaments to move your teeth one step closer to their ideal position.

You will need to have the clear plastic aligners in your mouth for a minimum of 20 hours per day. Every two weeks you will need to change to a new set of aligners. Most people meet their alignment goals in around six to eight weeks.

You might need to use a removable clear plastic retainer for a few weeks after the alignment of your teeth has been fully corrected. This will help to ensure your teeth hold their new position in the long term.

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