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Most people don’t know that orthodontics is good for people of all ages! Although it’s typically considered better to get them young, you can get them at any age. For a healthier and more appealing smile, you can move your teeth into proper alignment, speaking more clearly as well as eating better with the proper alignment.

Whether it’s crowding or too much spacing, orthodontics can help. With straightened teeth, your mouth is easier to clean. Orthodontics not only gives you a better appearance but a healthier smile. With cleaner teeth, you are at a lower risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Here at Steven Jung, DMD, MS, our team of specialists can correct any irregularities in your mouth. This includes your teeth and jaw (as your teeth are straightened, your bite is aligned to help it function properly). This also helps your jaw joints, and relieves pressure on the gums since your bite is spread evenly.

When you come in for an orthodontic evaluation, our staff will assess your smile to determine an orthodontic treatment best suited for your budget, needs, and lifestyle. With a precise treatment plan, you can smile with confidence and an eased conscience.

Interested in learning how orthodontic treatments can help you? Reach out to Dr. Steven Jung and our associates by calling us at 209-835-0977. Let us help you schedule an appointment with our skilled specialists here in Tracy, California, today!