What Orthodontic Appliances are You Familiar With?

An oral or orthodontic appliance is any device utilized as part of a system to keep your teeth aligned suitably, and these appliances can be fitted to be fixed or removable, seated inside or outside of the mouth. Here’s a brief rundown of the different kinds of dental and orthodontic... Read more »

Your Child’s Hawley Retainer

Even after your child’s braces have been removed, there will still be hidden residual tension in their dental sockets. This tension can cause their teeth to gradually drift out of their correct position. That’s why Dr. Steven Jung will fit your son or daughter for a retainer. It will keep... Read more »

Orthodontics: A Treatment for People at Any Age

Most people don’t know that orthodontics is good for people of all ages! Although it’s typically considered better to get them young, you can get them at any age. For a healthier and more appealing smile, you can move your teeth into proper alignment, speaking more clearly as well as... Read more »

Braces Might Be Needed in Adulthood to Prevent Dental Attritions and Dental Fractures

The natural processes of aging can sometimes cause minor deviations with the alignment of your teeth. This is even more likely to be the case if you have suffered a significant oral trauma in the past or opted not to have a missing tooth restored. Over time it can start... Read more »

How to Avoid Unattractive White Spots on the Smile During Your Orthodontic Journey

When you get your braces off, you want to have a beautiful smile, don’t you? Well, if so, you’re not alone. This is why many people try to avoid having white spots on their teeth. You should work on that as well. Having white spots on the teeth is common... Read more »

Help Your Child Have a Straight Smile by Using Our Tips

Did you know you can reduce your child’s chances of having a misaligned smile when they’re older? Well, it’s true. There are things you can do to make that the case, and our orthodontist, Dr. Steven Jung, is happy to tell you all about them. The first is by keeping... Read more »

Invisalign® Can Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth to Prevent Dental Attrition Problems

Changes in the structure of your mouth and uncorrected issues with the alignment of your teeth can cause dental attrition to compromise one of your teeth. Even if Dr. Steven Jung repairs the damaged tooth enamel with a dental filling or a dental crown the underlying alignment problem will likely... Read more »

Common Misalignments Found in a Smile

Would you like to improve your oral health by straightening your smile? Misalignments in smiles are often due to malocclusions, which can be treated with effective orthodontic care. Common types of malocclusions include the following: - Underbites, also called bulldog teeth, come to pass when the bottom row of teeth... Read more »

Braces: FAQs and Figures

Are you considering braces? You probably have some questions. That’s why we’ve provided you with some handy FAQs and figures to help you understand the ins-and-outs of the matter so you can make the right decision for you: Question: Why are straight teeth significant? Answer: Not only can straighter teeth... Read more »

Keep Crooked Smiles at Bay with Invisalign®

Smiles that are crooked often require the use of orthodontic treatments to straighten them out and give your smile the best of chance of success. If you wish to upgrade your smile with a clear orthodontic aligner system, consider the benefits of Invisalign®. Invisalign is not only a clear aligner... Read more »