At Steven Jung, DMD, MS we are enthusiastic about the oral care of your family members at all ages. The two-phase orthodontic process is an element of our practice that combines dental planning with timely corrective methods. In order to prevent more extensive treatment, we gladly provide preventive and interceptive phases in our pediatric dentistry.

• Phase I, the preventive phase, allows us to identify overcrowding, crookedness, and potential bite issues before or as they surface. Space maintainers, headgear, habit-correcting instruments, palatal expanders, and tongue thrusts are all components of this stage.

• Phase II, interceptive care, can be identified as the process in which most of the expected dental work will be implemented and examined. This is where we can focus more on appliances like clear or metal braces, removeable or permanent retainers, and possibly even clear aligners.

This is not an overly invasive process, but a way for Dr. Steven Jung to work more diligently and effectively as your child’s mouth develops. Knowing what to expect in the future of your child’s oral treatments can be insightful and perceptive in discerning what procedures will best suit their needs. Call us at 209-835-0977 to further discuss our treatments and to make an appointment in Tracy, California.