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Optimum oral health care often requires keeping all aspects of your mouth and jaw safe. Within your jaw sits extremely precious joints known as temporomandibular joints. These are highly complex ball-and-socket joints can lead to numerous ailments if they are damaged. If you should suffer a TMJ disorder, it is important to know what treatments you can use to fix it.

TMJ disorders often arise from serious issues including bruxism, your diet, arthritis, dislocations, and ailments involving tooth and jaw alignment. If you have suffered damage to a TMJ, treatments will be needed for the TMJ disorder. This can include alleviating joint pain with heat packs and reducing inflammation with an ice pack. In addition, numerous meditation techniques such as yoga and calming music have been proven to help relieve stress associated with jaw pressure. In addition, biofeedback can also be helpful. Be sure to eat softer foods and practice exercises that can help strengthen your jaw. It’s also recommended that you visit your dentist for TMJ treatments that include oral appliances such as mouth guards and bite plates.

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