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Even after your child’s braces have been removed, there will still be hidden residual tension in their dental sockets. This tension can cause their teeth to gradually drift out of their correct position. That’s why Dr. Steven Jung will fit your son or daughter for a retainer. It will keep their teeth in their new position.

The most common retainer is called a Hawley. This is a removable piece of dental acrylic that was designed to match the shape of your child’s mouth. While the retainer is in their mouth it will be locked in place by wires corresponding to specific teeth.

The Hawley retainer will need daily care and cleaning so that it can do its job well. If any part of the retainer is bent, damaged, or suffers excess wear and tear, it may increase the amount of time they need to use a retainer.

They will need to take their Hawley retainer out while eating. This action will prevent food particles from getting ensnared and keeps the retainer safe from damage. Encourage your child to keep the retainer in its case when not using it. It’s best to get them in the habit of keeping it in their purse or backpack or on the table with them while they are eating.

When they clean it, teach them to soak it for a few minutes in an equal mixture of water and antiseptic mouthwash. They can also lightly brush the retainer with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste.

If your child had their teeth corrected by braces at Dr. Steven Jung’s orthodontic clinic in Tracy, California, and you have a question about how to best maintain it, you can phone209-835-0977 to speak to a staff member at Steven Jung, DMD, MS.