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In recent years more and more adults have been turning to orthodontists to address newly developed or existing alignment issues with their teeth. There are several different methods for addressing misaligned teeth. The one that is right for you will depend on the severity of the deviation in your dentition.


Patients deal with an existing overbite, underbite or overcrowding issue often need Dr. Steven Jung to install traditional braces onto their teeth. This system involves a series of carefully placed brackets that are cemented onto the faces of your teeth. They will then be integrated with other components to create a system capable of altering the periodontal ligaments that orient your teeth in your gums.


Once this is done you will need to attend regularly scheduled adjustment sessions to continually tighten the braces and bring your teeth toward their ideal orientation.


Consistent oral hygiene habits are also very important to the process. Cavities and gum health problems can extend the amount of time it takes to fully correct the alignment of your teeth. You need to make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth each twice each day as well as remembering to floss at least once per day.


If you’re having trouble cleaning a specific area some simple oral hygiene tools like interdental brushes, a floss threader or a water flosser might help clear away bacterial deposits before they can cause a problem.  


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